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  1. Summer Cleanup 2017

    Hey, homos! :-* how are you? :-*
  2. Seasons Greetings

    Merry Christmas, gays :-*
  3. thanks santa for kick

    Somehow if I do random kick, I always kick ppl who I dont like :P

    easy for me, if some1 doesnt see enemy and shooting wall - its sprayin.

    Hi, here is some info for about LMG SPRAY. (its more like a private message for someone) LMG SPRAY doesnt mean only empty magazine on one click. Runing thru map a shoot 3-5bullets to every single wb spot you reach is spraying too if you do not see any enemies. And if admin telling you to not...
  6. What about the HC maprotation?

    hey, lack of maps is one thing, and the other is when server going empty on maps like pipeline and overgrown ... or only I noticed?
  7. I am permabanned on your server by Ruy.

    Obviously, its you who cannot talk with ppl without offence. So what's now? 1. If you were banned for 60min for wh, means low ranked admin couldnt permban you, so you only wait for permban by higher admin. 2. that retard who banned you only finished process of perm baning you coz of your...
  8. |WM|™ Team Registered on ESL There is WM team registered in ESL for COD4, it could go under same team I think, but not sure.
  9. Mouse settings and DPI

    got Logitech G500 set to max dpi - should be 5700dpi and ingame 1.5
  10. The party LAN

    Maybe 12yrs ago, m8 :) I wish you good luck!
  11. Hello

    welcome, welcome :)
  12. Hello everyone !

    welcome, welcome :)
  13. I'm banned.

    Thats interest! :P
  14. Hello! (AGAIN)

    hey hey, welcome :P
  15. Banned

    Sorry m8, You acted like a wh two maps . A three admins agreed after they spected you.