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  1. 1st look at the NEW COD

    well one thing is for sure.. I'm never preordering cod again :D after the shit with black ops.. no ty.
  2. Crispy Cookiez >:D!

    Oink oink!
  3. exams is coming

    good luck bebe :D cya soon
  4. Hello 2 All

  5. Worldmafia Poker Night

    I don't know the rules but every time I played it I just put all in and everybody folded :D seems legit.
  6. What is your job?

    who are you kidding Jetson? we all know at what corner you work at.
  7. heya guys!

    justin bieber wants it back.
  8. Hey Hell_Angel is here!

    welcome ;)
  9. Guess who will post next

    No but I do want pink name :D next is Ceeeee
  10. great songs!

    I wanna shoot myself after listening to this song.. dear lord.            
  11. CS:GO Daily Deal - Only 2€! [Offer Expired]

    fuck :( I payed like 5euro for mine in the steam winter sale.
  12. Guess who will post next

    No. Next is jetty
  13. Guess who will post next

    oink? no. Next is Skand
  14. The Introduction

    welcome :)