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Jun 3, 2009
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What is WorldMafia?

WM is an international, multicultural and multiethnic gaming team. The games we officially support and mainly play are SWAT 4, Ready or Not and CS:GO. Our members come from Europe, Asia and America. The team's language is English.
We run some of the highest frequented public game servers and take part in different e-sport tournaments.

Becoming a member
If you apply officially, we will have a poll whether to accept or reject you as a TRIAL MEMBER - you will need to acquire above 50% of the votes.
If you are accepted as a trial member, You will be awarded with our |wm| trial tag (lowercase) which you are obliged to wear ingame. During this poll period you will also be invited to our Discord server and Steam group, so we can have a chat together.

The standard trial poll time is 2 weeks (can vary under special circumstances). After these 2 weeks, the members will vote on another poll whether to accept or reject you as a FULL MEMBER. It is worth noting that the applicant must require atleast 75% of the votes in order to be accepted as a FULL MEMBER. This poll can run indefinitely.

If you are accepted, you will be obliged to wear our tag |WM| for the rest of the time (uppercase). Please note that being a full member doesn't mean that you are a server administrator as well. You can gain that status only via poll, after you prove yourself to be a worthy member of the WM team.

What we expect from a trial member:
  • Discord or Steam account in order to integrate with us and quicker communication.
  • What you need: A Microphone or headset and TeamSpeak 3 installed (is not mandatory, Discord does the same thing).
  • The minimum member age is 16.
  • We expect you to have a certain level of skill in the game you apply for. If you are a newbie, we have no use for you.
  • To make WM working as a team, you have to respect all of your teammates, whether they have a higher rank or not.
  • Cheaters aren't welcome in WM. If you use or used any sort of hack or cheat or think, using these is a minor misdemanour, WM is the wrong place for you. Note that our members will have an eye on your gameplay during your trial time and you might be asked to use an independent cheat detecting tool.
  • When you wear our tag, you represent our team to the rest of the world. So we can't accept inappropriate behaviour, such as racism, excessive flaming, disregarding or breaking the server rules, abusing other players and so on.
  • What's in the team, stays in the team! We expect you to keep team insider information such as tactics and passwords for yourself, and ONLY for yourself. Conflicts between members are not carried out in the public!
  • We can only accept new members if they integrate into the team. To do so we expect you to be active not only on the game servers, but also (and especially) on the forums and our TeamSpeak 3 server (during competitive matches, etc.). If you fail to be active in any part of the clanlife, you will be rejected, no matter how much time you spent on the game servers.

If you think you can fit into these expectations, and you choose to apply for WM, please use the application form from our website.

Our members wish you all the best and good luck if you decide to apply!

Application form:
  • What is your in-game name? →
  • Which games do you play and for how long? →
  • Where are you from? →
  • How old are you? →
  • Do you have a Discord account? If yes, what is your profile name (with discriminator, for example Someone#1234)? →
  • Do you have a Steam account? If yes, what is your profile URL? →
  • Do you have a microphone? →
  • How many hours you spend in game per week (average)? →
  • In which clans have you been before? If yes, why did you leave them? →
  • Anything else you want to say? →
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