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Jul 28, 2008
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Hi people,

Its been 8 years and 6 months since I was last online!!!!

Just found out my old game and was pleasantly surprised to see it install and play on Win 10...
I'm hoping I can keep my original name |WM|CloseProtection?

Would it be possible to have someone point me in the right direction for setting the game up right in regards to patches and updates, I'm also a little confused about the 1.0 and 1.1 versions.

Its really great to see WM is still going and that Swat 4 is still active!

Played for a couple of hours tonight, was like riding a bicycle but i'm still a slightly shaky lol

Kind regards,


Jan 28, 2013
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Hey hey!

Yeah we are still alive and kicking! Glad to see you coming back to game ;)

However, I have to inform you that you lost the membership some 6 years ago due to inactivity, based on this topic that KF made (Feb 28, 2012). We can ask KF about more details if he remembers. But, since you were not placed in Retired Members group, we cannot accept you back as regular member without a formal application and poll. I hope you understand the reasoning behind this, and I am sure that for an old member this will not even be a hurdle worth mentioning ;)


As for the SWAT versions, ofcourse we will help you! I saw you joined our Discord server already so let's take it from there ;)


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