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May 18, 2013
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Calling me motherfucker its in your opinion "giving you suggestions"? Management calling ppl dumb motherfucker? Are u blind? I still have Pm's from Emopig (good nick so accurate) beggin me for money (Yes Emo I have it) and u made him management . Many times u can hear the sentence- dont argue with stupid coz he take u down and beat u with his experience... but its not good coz when u stay quiet they will spread out. Alrgiht Im out. Please remove my account. Have fun and good luck. Case is over. Really guys Im really sorry if bother some of you. . Im sorry everyone. Again have fun and good luck.

Hahahahahaha, nigga what are you smoking, I want some aswell!

Are you talking about that SSD that you never sent? If you do, then let me refresh your memory. You replied in a topic made by some guy that said his HDD died and you told him you can send him a SSD, after a while he replied back and said he got a new HDD and he doesn't need your SSD, then I jokingly replied IN THAT TOPIC, NOT PM: "You can send it to me uga!". After that YOU SENT ME A PM, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, and asked me if I really wanted it, and I said sure, why not. Who in his right mind would refuse a free SSD, right? (now that I think about it, I even offered to pay the shipping fees, which probably would have costed more than the SSD itself) Long story short, you kept bullshiting me and never sent it, so thanks for reminding me the value of your word. I guess if we would have agreed to host a CoD server, you would have pulled the same shit when it came to sharing the server costs.

Now back on track, is your IQ really that low not to notice that my reply where I called you a dumb motherfucker came AFTER YOU INSULTED ME, or are you just pretending to be retarded?

Anyway, I'm done with your bullshit, go talk in a bag.


Jan 28, 2013
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Why the fuck do you even reply to him? The difference between us and people like him is the different mix of ignorance and IQ. uGa, look around and then say none of us did anything for this clan while you were sucking around CoD community getting admin in each server (you said that in Discord). We play CS actively, our forum and Discord are active af and we have an active SWAT server. And what does the CoD section have?

People realised that there is no point of that game anymore. Deal with it. In my opiniom the problem was that recruitment process allowed people like you in (still after few fails), now you see why SWAT section always had rigorous system.

P.S. Wow pig begging for money in exchange for some sucky sucky, not the first time. Pls login to his acc and share, I want to see this so badly! Grow a fucking pair and don't act so low trying to make him look bad. This isn't CoD section where you could do that, here we actually know one another and seeing this what you are trying to do is just pathetic. YOU are actually the one asking US to host the server for you :PepeDisabled:

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