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    REJECTED application form :)

    Hey, I am here to inform you that you have failed to reach the votes required for the trial membership. Keep in touch and try again in some time! See you around!
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    Guess who will post next

    Did i hear spam? I was waiting for my goty frend to post first
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    REJECTED application form :)

    Hey Welcome! Did you ever play with us? Cant remember your name other than from Discord :) Join us in Swat and RoN from time to time. GL & HF for now
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    Word association game

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    REJECTED hahahahah

    Hola Amigo, Poll started, ended and result is now visible. You can try anytime in the future if you wish and maybe put some more effort in it next time :)
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    REJECTED Introduction myself + be part of WM

    Hahaha mfs
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    REJECTED Introduction myself + be part of WM

    Sahbi, are you a joke?
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    Hi and welcome
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    ACCEPTED Hello

    Yoo, welcome :)
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    WM Awards 2019

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    ACCEPTED Hi ok

    :PepeHu3Hu3BR: thnx guys next step is to recruit suka laguna
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    ACCEPTED Hi ok

    Hm too late i think:PepeHu3Hu3BR:
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    ACCEPTED Hi ok

    Hi, Im new here, i want to join your clan. Please accept me and make me vip pls Or admin so i can make myself vip Ok bye What is your in-game name? → Sinaas Which games do you play and for how long? → swat, im new to the game. I have cs etc as well, but never play it. And overwatch ofc Where...