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    Happy Birthday Javier

    Felicidades atrasadas, my honey pie ^_^
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    btw. u r in.
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    the briefing, bombs & cams remind of SWAT4, rest of Rainbow 6. let's see when it will be on the market/internet :P
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    GameSpy dead

    who is andrea?
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    Discuss ban

    A: i was banned :angry: B: really!? :o give me ur guid that i can check. A: No :unsure: B Ok, im cool without it. B)
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    Permanently banned

    i kinda like this guy :P
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    Why Turkish movies are not popular

    lol guys, how can u find these ... treasures :D
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    Hackers on the s&d public serevr

    u sure Michal doesn't have pass? :P
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    Only for single boys or your gf can be jealous :P

    only 1 size? :P
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    hey & welcome! if u want ur old password reseted/ forgot ur login name/ want ur actual nick changed/ etc. send me a PM.
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    For all my muslim friends :)

    ok, for me only Michal's tea and Carl's chicken on rice looked delicious :D
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    Swat 4 troll

    would it be helpful if we told how many mistakes he made in that short speech? :P
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    Age of Mythology

    i have it on a CD, graphic sucks, almost like AoE 1 (if i remember right)
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    pff, as if a Happy Meal would ever be enough for the fat man

    pff, as if a Happy Meal would ever be enough for the fat man
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    what's ur current highscore? xD

    what's ur current highscore? xD