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  1. SMAC Banned me on S><C Server

    Undecided; because markie is dead! markie live. your brain disfunksion
  2. SMAC Banned me on S><C Server

    you cheater . stop cheat you said that ''So the guy was innocent? FUCK SMAC '' no you dont innocent . trust me man. if i see you on server. i will ban you
  3. Merry Christmas !

    Merry Christmas wm family
  4. Happy Birtday SBSP :D

    happy birtday bob. we like you.
  5. Virus and his pig

    lol super picture
  6. Vacant ?

    yes bob
  7. Is TrUedUc a racist or an antitheist?[/url] this video bad . i dont supoort this video learn if you do not know? Knights Templars...
  8. Is TrUedUc a racist or an antitheist?

    kf said that ''hatred not an opnion its during ramdan 1 of the holiest time in islam and ur showing ur opnion or racism?'' . maybe he dont know this. maybe he know but we banned him . he dont know . this not democratic. west dont like us muslims . if we judged him . he dont know . this not...
  9. Is TrUedUc a racist or an antitheist?

    i played before manytime . i dont see racist about you . you believe god or not this your opinion.
  10. Hi from Sonny

    wellcome brother
  11. something about hector!

    this proof . you catched him . good job sbsp
  12. HappY Birthday Kamikazeeeee

    thank you . wm brothers . i am older 1 more year . tnkssssssss
  13. sbsp return

    sbsp return . well come bob bob and me play - Xfire Video
  14. Battlefield bad company 2

    i playing this game . add me kamikaze_2010. undi killed helicopter pilot . head shoot bum.
  15. Happy Birthday KrazyFire!!!

    happy birthday my firend