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    Hey From Apollo

    omg reported and deleted
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    Friendly war

    I don't kurwa read general :PepeDisabled:
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    Friendly war

    Hi, Usually we don't accept requests for clanwars anymore since so many of our members are not interested in the competitive side of swat, but EmoPig convinced us for all of you we will play against you guys ;) I will accept your invition and get something booked in the diary, do you have...
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    ACCEPTED Hello

    Welcome and glad you took my invition to join WM ;) This, and poll will end in 2 weeks so good luck!
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    ACCEPTED Hi ok

    Welcome amigo, Laguna is my pet project
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    ACCEPTED Hi ok

    hy, welcome m8y. glad you applied! i never thought i'll see the day :D As a formality, the poll to full membership will run 2 weeks and management has decided to give you trial tag already so welcome to the family See you around ;)
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    CoD4 Section (or any other CoD version)

    Okay i'm sick of you aswell, good bye
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    CoD4 Section (or any other CoD version)

    Uga, I won’t accept anyone who talks to management team like shit when we have done a whole lot more in bringing back this clan, what have you done for this clan since then? We are all giving you suggestions and you reply back with insults. I hope I do not have prejudice against majority of COD...
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    CoD4 Section (or any other CoD version)

    I would fully support anyone who wants to take charge of CoD or any new section but as Linux said, the general base of players for CoD needs to step up and let us know who is still active, who wants to be leader and take care of management of CoD side etc. Regarding server, as long as we divide...
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    REJECTED I want to join

    Hi Shuter, Thank you for your recent application. Unfortunately, after very careful consideration, I regret to inform you that your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion. Needless to say the calibre and quality of the applications to WM is held extremely high and it has been a...
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    RESOLVED I got banned

    Hahahah what a twist of events, welcome to our servers and join our discord sometime and we can play! Even Krazy is still around these days
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    Happy birthday krazyfire

    Oh my word, Jetson coming back just for a birthday post :D Happy Birthday Krazy, we're counting on the next 9/11 on you ;)
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    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Yes but vip kills only for admins are fine :D
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    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Hi fella, I remember your VIP kill with GB in abomb :D next time use semi shot and welcome here ;)
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    WM New Year Memberlist Update 2019

    Wtf guys, why is bane not demoted???