SWAT4 Interactive game [really long!]


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Jan 29, 2014
Hey boys and girls.

Around 3.5y ago me and my friend from class decided to make a SWAT4 interactive game, we made a whole story for it which I am going to share with you in a moment.
We had this idea after watching and playing this:

Team Fortress 2 interactive game

Few months ago at KL we started this project and we pretty much succeeded, completing almost 90% of the recordings, but unfortunately the hard drive I was holding all the data with the videos crashed (and died) when I wanted to back those videos up to my dad's external drive, such a shame, I lost many stuff there including personal things, pictures of my family from vacations and more stuff I don't remember and I really felt bad because I wasted people's time including mine, since then I wanted to dump this and move on, because SWAT4 community was dying anyway but something inside me just told me to change some of the stuff in the game and make it even better, this game can still happen and be real, this will be the best of SWAT4.

Long story short, I want to retry doing it with some different stuff, but not just yet, I am waiting to move to the closer base I am currently at (temporary, they test me) so I can come home every day (I currently do) and then I'll buy a new PC.

In the game you play as the VIP and the officer at brewer courthouse, their objective is to get safely to the helicopter on the roof.
There are 6 suspects which need to arrest the VIP (last time we just wanted suspects to kill the VIP like in CS1.6 instead of arresting, dumb idea) just like in-game rules.
Those suspects are: Commander, Pro gamer, Shotgun Specialist, Noob, Rambo and Sniper, each one of them got a set of equipment he holds for his using:

The noob:
He has the normal default equipment. He is new to the game, he'll be losing his way on the map, covering wrong ways, fail grenades, etc... quits the game later in the game.
9mm SMG (normal)
M1911 HG
3 Flashbangs, 1 CSGrenade, 1 Stinger
C2 charges
Light armor helmet

The shotgun specialist:
This guy came from zombie games, he always uses shotguns, quiet but sprays when sees someone, always sticks to the walls.
M4Super90SG, Nova or LL
9mm HG
0 flashbangs, 2 GasGrenades, 1 stinger, 2 wedges
Breaching shotgun
Light armor gas mask

The pro-gamer:
He knows everything about the game, camping spots, hiding spots, etc.. he rage quits in mid-game
G36k (not my fav weapon, just random put)
9mm HG
1 flashbang, 1 gas, 2 sting, 1 pepper spray
breaching shotgun
light armor, helmet

The sniper:
sniper is a quiet camper, often is in the back of his team trying to snipe but always gets his sights blocked and ends up TKing his team mates.
9mm Suppressed
1 flash 1 gas 1 sting, optiwand, 1 wedge
C2 charges
light armor, gas mask

The commander:
the commander plays seriously, doesn't like losing, he will give commands to his team on how to play, etc...
Taser gun
1 flash 1 gas 2 sting, 1 pepper spray
breaching SG
light armor helmet

The rambo:
Waste of the player, always rushes in front of the team and dies first, sometimes team hurt from being angry of dying.
Colt python
1 flash, 1 gas, 2 sting, 1 pepper spray
C2 charges
light armor (will change to heavy sometime and block his team) helmet

The VIP:
The VIP wants to exit the place and obeys the officer's requests.
He will have 2 magazines (default) and later will get another 1 from the officer when out of ammo (Round restart) shoots accurately and conserves ammo.

The officer's job is to protect the VIP from danger, and conserves ammo himself, will die sometimes and respawn. (Didn't die before, when we recorded [he is the hero of the game so he never dies])
9mm HG
1 flash 1 gas 1 sting, pepper spray, optiwand
breaching SG
light armor, helmet

As you can see each one of them got different set of equipment, this is to make the game feel more alive and real game like.

I'll be recording all videos at 720p using fraps at 30 fps (sometimes 60 or more for slow-mo parts)
will be edited with Camtasia Studio 8 (Thanks Linux!)

Here's what I did for example with the videos I had: Lazy edition
I'll post the story line tomorrow or something.

The reason I want to buy a new PC before starting this is that I got like 30GB left on my current PC, and it's already a garbage, so when I'll buy a new one I'll have like 1TB of space + I can record at high frames and make the game high quality instead of medium (I can't record on high or very high, it drops to 15 fps when recording)

Is anyone interested?

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