Swat4 Global Awards!


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May 12, 2010
Hey guys,

It is to my great pleasure to announce the results of the Swat4 Global awards which took place at Swat4News and with nominations such as 'greatest clan/ team in the history of Swat4' and 'greatest clan ever in terms of their public server quality', we were able to emerge victorious with 27 votes(33%) in the both categories, in the first nomination |»Delta«| was in second place with 24 votes (29%) and last but not least old |MYT| with 15 votes (18%). And in the second nomination saw |MYT| take second place with also 24 votes (29%) and finally ||ESA|| taking third place with 13 votes (16%)

I really want to thank all active WM swat players for keeping this community alive and also the people who voted that WM can be seen as the most consistent and successful clan in terms of competitive gaming!

Last shout out to the Swat side Leaders:
-Sabbath, Who arranged every war to keep the competitive side of WM intact
-Michal, the egoistic and arrogant polak :p but still contributed to win many wars for WM
-Krazy, the WM leader who killed the most vip in wars :p
-Xavi, who done nothing as leader :p
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May 14, 2010
You can trow rocks at me, but Lniux and the rest, who voted for the delta are noobs.
Delta had very good players, but they were unstable and at the end all left, when 2 of them are in wm at this precise moment.
I dont think, that team, witch failed in being a team deserve to be counted as truly the best.


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Jan 4, 2009
I didnt vote in that poll, I dont know who voted, but the success of WM is being alive and active the beginning to the end of the game, always taking part in every VIP and RD tournaments with good performances. Always with good servers online, with an active and skilled group of members. Game is dead, no more tournaments or real clanwars will take place, but WM will still be able to play internal games and enjoy swat.
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