Stoner ez pz trolling


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Jan 4, 2009
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Stoner: what rank are you now puta?
Xavii: I dont know what its called
Xavii: it has a star
Stoner: gold nova?
Xavii: distinguished master guardian
Stoner: dafuq lol
Xavii: what?
Stoner: last time we played you were like nova or silver elite master
Xavii: last time we played u had not paid for sex in brazil
Xavii: but dont worry
Xavii: we can play together
Stoner: still haven't
Xavii: I have a smurf account
Xavii: nova I
Stoner: omg
Stoner: why do you guys use smurf accounts
Xavii: I need one to play with michal
Stoner: :D
Stoner: ah, at least miichal is still on my level
Xavii: if the rank difference is too big we can't play
Xavii: unless we have a full team
Stoner: really? that's new
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