ESA VIP Mode Tournament 2013


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Following the success VIP World cup hosted by Swat 4 News, in which Team Turkey emerged victorious, ESA are proud to present the ESA VIP Mode Tournament 2013, a clan/team based tournament commencing November 2013.

Before we set the details and rules let us give you our motivation for this tournament. SWAT 4 has given us over 8 years of fun across two different versions and multiple gaming modes. It’s divided in so many different ways that whatever type of gamer you are, your preferences are catered for. Whether you are the patient type probing away on Coop, tactical team player of VIP and RD, or maybe a confident well rounded player who enjoy the rush and tension of BS 3v3.

But being an old game, SWAT 4 has its problems. Hacks are as easily and freely found and installed as official game updates. Nevertheless, thanks to the work of Dexus on the UAC, the clean gaming community have had the chance to enjoy the game fairly with other likeminded gamers. However, that may all come to an end with the announcement that UAC will be deactivated from January 2014 onwards. Expect an influx of hackers and future clan wars filled with accusation and counter-accusations. Therefore, while we still have the chance, ESA have decided to organise this VIP tournament, perhaps the last chance for all of us to enjoy fair and clean organised gaming with rest of the Swat 4 Community.

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Sign up teams here -->
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The deadline for registration is 3rd November 2013 and the draw to allocate the groups will be made the next day.


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We sincerely hope our illustrious friends from World Mafia will grace our tournament, since you have been since an important part of the Swat 4 Community over the years.
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Oct 18, 2009
ty for invitation. I hope we are able to find enough ppl.
Im till 28.10 in another city so I dont have gaming pc. I can be only in reserve.


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May 18, 2013
I like the rules but I think that we should work around the servers you've listed.


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Hello Michal and Emopig.

Michal, the tournament does not start until early November, so if you will be back by end of October, it should not be problem for you.

Emopig, yes everything is flexible and we can discuss your preferences.


Mar 3, 2008
Thanks for the invitation !
We have been inactive for a couple of months but that does not mean that we won't take up the challenge ;)

The rules are really ok and I hope that we will be able to get the team :)

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