ACCEPTED I heard this family needed some females!


Mar 31, 2021
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Application form: What is your in-game name? → Fatima
Which games do you play and for how long? → Swat4
Where are you from? → Sharjah, UAE
How old are you? → 16
Do you have a Discord account? If yes, what is your profile name (with discriminator, for example Someone#1234)? → Don't have yet
Do you have a Steam account? If yes, what is your profile URL? → No
Do you have a microphone? → No
How many hours you spend in game per week (average)? → 4h
In which clans have you been before? If yes, why did you leave them? → US with my bro TCR but I left for ESA since PAIN played there...
Anything else you want to say? → When I heard Pain and EmoPig are here, I had to apply! :)

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