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Sep 11, 2009
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Hi to all the members of WM.

I was posting a request to join WM clan and didn't got any answer right!

Many of you knowing that I was playing in ||ESA|| & AiR|| clan.

Unfortunately, and as I discussed before with Virus, some guy's are proliferating laying's about me:
||ESA||Tymbark: old lair , he tell 4 all be kind tell '' i fuck your mother '' , benedictus not found this word at chat, this is my opinion , he is bad member.

I transmited the proofs that Tymbark is a liar and that he had a deficiency of courtesy and were regularly using an injuring language against other members.
If once you meet Princess, ask her. That’s the reason why I left ESA.

Here some extracts of the server's log file:
[17/1/2009 14:45:28]: Say: ….. : I hurt you mother...
[17/1/2009 16:50:8]: Say: ….. : like that i am gonna fuck your mother bitch
[19/1/2009 1:7:31]: Say: ….. : ban this motherfucker

||ESA||Benedictus: [15/1/2009 22:47:46]: Say: ||ESA||1ÕFå|{¿ñD: ball kicker dont stand uin the door
||ESA||Benedictus: [15/1/2009 22:51:47]: Say: ||ESA||1ÕFå|{¿ñD: greenwin block again i kick u
||ESA||Benedictus: [16/1/2009 15:36:40]: Say: ||ESA||1ÕFå|{¿ñD: fuck u gone blow up the chat
||ESA||Benedictus: [18/1/2009 19:36:30]: TeamSay: ||ESA||1ÕFå|{¿ñD: grandpl wtach your gas or kick for teamgasing
||ESA||Benedictus: [18/1/2009 19:36:54]: Say: ||ESA||1ÕFå|{¿ñD: stfu stop teamnadingh you understand
||ESA||Benedictus: [18/1/2009 19:43:13]: TeamSay: ||ESA||1ÕFå|{¿ñD: who arrest vip last round?
||ESA||Benedictus: [18/1/2009 19:50:5]: Say: ||ESA||1ÕFå|{¿ñD: stop fuckin spawnkilling
||ESA||Benedictus: [18/1/2009 20:41:26]: Say: ||ESA||1ÕFå|{¿ñD: i told u man stop that shit

I ask ||ESA||Tymbark to bring any proofs that I said such noob's think's like HE reported.

Second. Everybody knows why many admin's were leeving AiR .... ask Xavii ...

For me, the essential objectiv to rejoin a clan isto have pleasure and fun, in the game and on Teamspeak, and as administrator, to beware the server from foolish and stupid fellows.

About myself.
My player name is “2_furious”, my Xfire mertmar.
My real name is Marc, and I'm 54 years old (yep ... I indicated 34 everywere because noobish saying old man to me) ... muah.
I live in Luxemburg. I speak currently Luxemburg, French, German, English and I have knowledge in Dutch.
I’m Head of Security in Public Transportaion and working for the Government.

It would be nice if I got an answer about my request.
I hope to have, even when I'm not member of WM, a good time together on your server.

Best regards


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Sep 19, 2008
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i remember when you was admin on AiR and i dont remember you in good way. I dont wanna talk what you did but OBC told me ".. he is old and crazy so dont bother his mood". btw. for me always was wierd that someone change Clans so often in so short time. But hello on forum and good luck in trial :4:


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Oct 10, 2007
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Hey furious, sorry I thought somebody told you that you're not accepted on trial. You're still welcome to play in our srv when you want to thought, see you around :)
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