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  1. TCR

    ACCEPTED Yo broskis

    Char asked me to join, so here I am. What is your in-game name? → TCR Which games do you play and for how long? → TF2 & CSS - 2009, SWAT 4 - 2016 and various PvP/PvE games over the years Where are you from? → United Arab Emirates How old are you? → 18 Do you have a Discord account? If yes...
  2. TCR

    RoN - Questions for veterans of PvP on what they'd like to see in RoN!

    Hey everyone! I'm pretty sure all of you know me by now(mainly for the folks on the WM forums), but I'd like to fully introduce myself here once more for all those who don't know. My name is TCR - or Mohamed - and I've been playing SWAT 4 since 2016. During these years, I played a bit of co-op...
  3. TCR

    Yo folks

    Hey lads! Never got a chance to actually properly introduce myself so I wanted to take some time to do so :P My ingame name's TCR(EngiTCR on the Discord) and I come from the United Arab Emirates - or Dubai. I started playing SWAT 4 in mid to late 2016 and fell in love with VIP Escort and Rapid...