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  1. TheHunter159

    REJECTED Introduction myself + be part of WM

    Hey, welcome!
  2. TheHunter159

    WM Awards 2020

    Thanks for the fix, we don't want anyone to think we stole the results from 2019
  3. TheHunter159

    WM Awards 2020

    I finally won something, what do I get?
  4. TheHunter159

    WM Awards 2020

    really bro?
  5. TheHunter159

    Hello Y'all.

    Welcome welcome!
  6. TheHunter159

    Hey From Apollo

  7. TheHunter159


    Welcome :PepePerfect:
  8. TheHunter159

    ACCEPTED Hello

    Yo diplo, good luck!
  9. TheHunter159

    hello from Padrino

    Hey Padrino wassup, nice to see you here I am TheHunter159 and the who invited you, we used to play together long ago, even in old KL if you remember over a decade ago Come and and play with us, I bet your skills need a big refresh!
  10. TheHunter159

    WM Awards 2019

    Biggest skill bost for CSGO is TCR but he still sucks ass, awful at throwing smokes too
  11. TheHunter159

    ACCEPTED Hi ok

  12. TheHunter159

    ACCEPTED Hi ok

    supp sinnas m8y good luck :PepeSmug:
  13. TheHunter159

    RoN - Questions for veterans of PvP on what they'd like to see in RoN!

    Question 1: What game modes would you like to see and what game modes do you think are still relevant and should be featured in the game? Pretty much all game modes from SWAT4, Void can add a lot new game modes to the game, ex: gungame, free for all (Can have amount of lives limited), last man...
  14. TheHunter159

    The Last Poster Wins !

  15. TheHunter159

    The Last Poster Wins !

    I am studying
  16. TheHunter159

    The Last Poster Wins !

    Enjoy prize
  17. TheHunter159

    Happy Birthday Linux!!!

  18. TheHunter159

    The Last Poster Wins !

    :PepeHandsUp: :PepeHandGun::PepeSmug:
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    The Last Poster Wins !

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    The Last Poster Wins !