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  1. Charfire

    Happy Birthday Adriano!

    Happy Birthday Adriano, wish you all the best! ;)
  2. Charfire

    Swat4 Global Awards!

    Hey guys, It is to my great pleasure to announce the results of the Swat4 Global awards which took place at Swat4News and with nominations such as 'greatest clan/ team in the history of Swat4' and 'greatest clan ever in terms of their public server quality', we were able to emerge victorious...
  3. Charfire

    Crysis 2

    Hi Guys, Just a few days ago Crysis 2 beta has been leaked, although it's supposed to come out next month, it's already leaked onto the net, don't go thinking it's only beta, it has most of the maps the developers have been working on, also it's been proven just few days ago you can go online...
  4. Charfire

    Happy New Year!

    I wish everyone a happy new year, a fresh start, and successful year to your lives and of course WM's future to come ;)
  5. Charfire

    The Number Game

    So the idea of this game is you get a picture with a number which comes after the picture above. like 1 2 3 4 etc etc i'll start first
  6. Charfire

    Post Ur Funniest Xfire Conversations!

    here's my, i said to menc i'll post these xfire comments to make people laugh :P, anyway, post ur funniest xfire conversations here and laugh ur ass off :D WM|Mencjusz: what's the presid....ops...queen ? :P |WM|Charfire: president? |WM|Charfire: u can't even spell ur own favourite language...
  7. Charfire

    Avatar 2

    This is the new avatar trailer just came out :D :P I See Blue People! :D
  8. Charfire


    Hello Guys, i know this is a really bad timing to get offline right now, but i've got exams coming up, so i have to study it before the exams are coming, i will be back as soon as i finish my holiday :D, which will be in july, and im going to be back about august-ish so... Cya Later Guys...
  9. Charfire

    Hey From Apollo

    Hey Guys, im apollo, i have many nicknames :D so many of u might not even know me, because im more of a 1.0 player than 1.1 player im not going to join just yet, because im still in a clan, i will make a account on xfire soon so i can add u all :P Cheerz, Apollo