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  1. Ambush/Overgrown

    overgrown kicks asses ahahah
  2. Got banned for cheating, please unban me.

    then we can unban u but 1st time u get wrong u are out completly out.
  3. Got banned for cheating, please unban me.

    then i dont remeber ya man 2 many hackers on on those days anyway i usually am rly accurate banning and if i am undecided i dont ban anyone and other members can confirm it so if u are banned there is a reason
  4. HB Kakashi

    Really thank you all ^^
  5. SA rights back to SAs

    mmh it says error but it deosnt make the command or better if i have to ban it just kicks...
  6. SA rights back to SAs

    hey i just wanted underline that after the hacker's attack something went wrong on php rcon so that SAs has just normal admins right = we cant ban... so please fix this problem beacouse often obv hackers are ingame and we need to ban em once forever... PS: fix also warserver pb plz
  7. Teamkill off/on public promod server

    mmh i think that if its possible to set the auto-kick for people who team kills 2-3 times it would be nice...with no autokick i think it wont be good
  8. i m leaving cod, little thinking for u all ;)

    :( ryu... i can understand ur decision coz in those days i am quite busy 2 and i have no time to just have a good time out of game and when u want to relax for some time here we are^^
  9. MW 3 or BF3

    Yo people! In those days 2 big FPS titles came what's ur idea?? which one is the best??
  10. great songs!
  11. Wht's New?

    bah fu all
  12. Wht's New?

    mmh....if i am logged i see nothing if i am not logged i see wht's new page obvsly with no private contents^^
  13. Wht's New?

    done still not working
  14. Wht's New?

    mmh... its 2 days i try to see what's new page in forum but it shows me no can i fix this problem^^??
  15. Happy Birthday Michal

    Happy B_Day man!!
  16. SA New Profiles dont fking work

    anyway also on modern doesnt work so if u want team view me but they arent fking working
  17. SA New Profiles dont fking work

    new sa profiles arent working i tried everything and AG rcon that uses same software of modern rcon says that something in profile is wrong so plz check them and try them before sendinge them... (maybe make new ones) :P
  18. What can you cook??

  19. What sports do you play?

    gay kf no volley il poll -.- i can get offended for this ps fu !! ^^ XD
  20. **new map-list**

    100% agree with virus man...everytime we add new maps people doesnt like to play them ...