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  1. ACCEPTED Hello

    finally u did it :) welcome :PepeHeart:

    first i have to ask, how much weed did u smoke before u applied?
  3. ACCEPTED Hi ok

    Hey punci! :) Finally you are done :D I was sure you will follow me :) Nice to see you here :PepeHeart:
  4. WM Memberlist Update for Summer 2019

    Ty puncis :)
  5. Happy Birthday Linux!!!

    Happy Birthday Lily! :PepeHeart:
  6. The Last Poster Wins !

  7. The Last Poster Wins !

  8. The Last Poster Wins !

    do you wanna fight? :PepeTopKek:
  9. The Last Poster Wins !

    Ok, i won!!! Ty puncis :PepeRich:
  10. Happy birthday krazyfire

    Happy Birthday KF! :)
  11. WM New Year Memberlist Update 2019

    Ty puncis! :)
  12. ACCEPTED Hey Puncis! :)

    Thx puncis! I will keep my evilness level dont worry :D
  13. REJECTED Hello WMs

    I hope everyone will vote yes cuz u r a good guy or gay.. dunno :D Cu on server :-*
  14. ACCEPTED Hey Puncis! :)

    Thank you puncis! :)
  15. ACCEPTED Hey Puncis! :)

    What is your in-game name? → S (Svetlana) Which games do you play and for how long? →Swat4 since 2005 Where are you from? → Hungary How old are you? → 32 Do you have a Discord account? If yes, what is your profile name (with discriminator, for example Someone#1234)? → Svetlana#9053 Do you have...