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  1. SA rights back to SAs

    hey i just wanted underline that after the hacker's attack something went wrong on php rcon so that SAs has just normal admins right = we cant ban... so please fix this problem beacouse often obv hackers are ingame and we need to ban em once forever... PS: fix also warserver pb plz
  2. MW 3 or BF3

    Yo people! In those days 2 big FPS titles came what's ur idea?? which one is the best??
  3. Wht's New?

    mmh... its 2 days i try to see what's new page in forum but it shows me no can i fix this problem^^??
  4. SA New Profiles dont fking work

    new sa profiles arent working i tried everything and AG rcon that uses same software of modern rcon says that something in profile is wrong so plz check them and try them before sendinge them... (maybe make new ones) :P
  5. War Server settings

    Hey gayz i want remind some1 that the war server is (as the name explanes) made to play wars, so if u dont use it to play wars but to do other things (4 exemple training or having fun with some m8) u must remember that IF U CHANGE SETTINGS U MUST CHANGE THEM BACK TO DEFLAUT FOR WAR ,so if we...
  6. Homefront !

    Yo gays i bought a new game... Homefront, its nice game multiplayer i like it...its like a middle way between cod and bf. if u want try it i bought the cd key here for only 18.5 €. GameKeyStore.Net - Cheap & Original Online Game Key Store
  7. aIWnet!

    Yo guys many of u have cod mw2 and dont play it coz of fking IW net... now this problem is fixed!! there is a way to play on ded servers also MW2!! just follow the instructions to play ... alterIWnet • View topic - SKIDROW/Steam installation tutorial.
  8. No CD patch??

    Hey SWAT4 GAAYS! does anyone of you have a no CD patch to play swat without using the fking CD everytime i want play??? (i will just play singleplayer dont warry :D)
  9. Agnain server HACKEEEEDD WTF!!

    Server is hacked again plz king of hackerz ban them all ... ;)
  10. Promod server hacked!!

    Promod server has been hacked so plz kf or filix solve this gay problem... -.- no1 of u on atm so i posted !!!
  11. Rpg??

    Yo gays MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.... today playing cod4 public hc i saw that rpg is a fucking noob tube like grenade skills is needed to use it... can we forbid it??
  12. Showdown?

    I think that showdown rly sucks in mod sd and i think it must be removed form rotation...wht do u think?
  13. Respawn and attak camping...

    Heeeey all dudes...i think that Respawn camping and Attak camping are not good styles of game so i'd like propose to forbid then from server and kick who camp in respawn and attak team...what do u think??? console: VOTE YES OR BAN!:P
  14. Problems in COD4...

    really often in cdo4 server there are many players that don't respect rules and only sometimes admin are online for kick them....what can I do??????? xDxD
  15. Player Ra1d3n

    Hi my name is Ra1d3n and i'd like to enter in the clan. -Xfire: mgstheninja -I don't have TS -I don't have microphone I'm a Jokatrax friend, i like your server and your clan.
  16. Introduction of player Ra1d3n

    Hi, my name is Ra1d3n and i'm jokatrax's friend, I play COD4 and i really like your server and clan. Can I enter in your clan????