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  1. My time to go

    My time to go into the cod 4 hc section. I´d like to join that section coz I mostly play cod 4 on hc server after Swat went to nirwana. I think most of you know me. If you have any questions feel free to ask. ;)
  2. Webdiplomacy WM Game2?

    Hello mates, we have some very active player in Webdiplomacy, so I´m curios if there´d be 4 other gays willing to play a 5 persons map in addition? To make this a bit faster! :D
  3. Hola compadres y muchachos!

    Hey guys, I think most of you know me already. For those who don´t, read this xD I´m 33 years old and live in cologne, germany. I started to play swat4 long time ago, I don´t know when. I was in WRS and in HC. WRS split up for a second time and I tried to build H2B with Emo. Then we fusioned...