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  1. Bane

    Happy Birthday Linux!!!

    Happy Birthday brate! As you guys probably don't know, Putin is coming to Belgrade today. Coincidence, I don't think so.
  2. Bane

    Story Spam Game

    Once upon a time there was a donkey that was farting into Ceeee's mouth. Also, he wanted cock to dinner, but he couldnt afford one. Instead, he went to his grandma and asked some midgets to cook him a cockroach, marinated in poop. Ceeee still wishes the best for her breasts. The midgets were...
  3. Bane

    WM New Year Memberlist Update 2019

    Stop these jokes pls! And I like how KF congratulated everyone yet only Svetlana is promoted. I feel sorry for Boyko, between CSGO, partying, gf and girls in general, who has time for s4... :PepeFeelsBadMan: Linux is mastermind: Asks him to play CSGO so he wouldn't play S4 so that he can be...
  4. Bane

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Hey man! Welcome :) Char, I remember your VIP kill with SMG in firefax :D next time use semi shot
  5. Bane

    Happy Birthday Bane!!!

    T H A N K S E V E R Y O N E
  6. Bane

    Heyos :)

    Welcome here Ivan junior :D
  7. Bane

    Hi friends

    Helloooo and welcome :)
  8. Bane

    Guess who will post next

    NOPPPPPPPPP Husky is next 1
  9. Bane

    World Mafia 2v2 pistol-defusal tournament

    Confirming my presence.
  10. Bane

    World Mafia 2v2 pistol-defusal tournament

    I will play with you, no problem :)
  11. Bane

    intellectual and intelligent spam

    Okay but its possible that in one pile there are only A halfpills, chances aren't big but its possible :D
  12. Bane

    CS:GO Video + Scorethread

    You haven't seen luck yet :D I will try to post video in few days so you can see 1vs3 clutch with jumping awp noscope headshot through wall :D
  13. Bane

    WorldMafia Apparel

    Well after seeing those pictures its not basic tshirt its like some "tshirt" football or other sports playes wear, i mean its not just cotton thing. Anyways in case you deciede for normal tshirt maybe to check this website
  14. Bane

    Funny Videos II
  15. Bane

    CS:GO Squad manager Promotion.

    KURWAAAAAAAA FUCK XAVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. You know its my life wish to be slave and you fucking do this ........ Okay im just joking, i don't need this thing and good luck to Linux :D
  16. Bane

    Hello and thanks for having me on the team!

    jebem ti papa !
  17. Bane


    Hey and welcome :)
  18. Bane

    2015 SWAT GAME!

    Count me in also :D
  19. Bane

    Hi guys just a heads up

    WOHOOOOOOOO i made to Xaviis signature!!!
  20. Bane

    Average WM member :P

    Good occupation man, imagine if some girls have crush on you or you like them etc etc. could be also good story for porno