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  1. A$AP “Xelah”!


    April fools day or actual apology? Just kidding welcome back
  2. A$AP “Xelah”!

    ACCEPTED 3rd sis applying to the family!

    Wish you good Luck ^^
  3. A$AP “Xelah”!

    ACCEPTED I heard this family needed some females!

    Wish you good Luck ^^
  4. A$AP “Xelah”!

    ACCEPTED Applying to my bro's clan :)

    Wish you good Luck ^^
  5. A$AP “Xelah”!

    ACCEPTED Jalalla is here!

    Hey! Wish you good Luck ^^
  6. A$AP “Xelah”!

    Hello Y'all.

    Wowowo that's my bro ALT right there! Hi man welcome in the jungle
  7. A$AP “Xelah”!

    REJECTED Introduction myself + be part of WM

    Welcome bro!!! Good luck
  8. A$AP “Xelah”!

    Hi all from Gunmaster :-)

    No one is a fun of those whack emojis.. but WHAT ABOUT THESE ONES :PepeRich::PepeCool:
  9. A$AP “Xelah”!

    Hi all from Gunmaster :-)

    Hi there!!
  10. A$AP “Xelah”!

    Hello beauties

    Welcome ^o^
  11. A$AP “Xelah”!


  12. A$AP “Xelah”!


  13. A$AP “Xelah”!


  14. A$AP “Xelah”!


  15. A$AP “Xelah”!


    Thanks ^^
  16. A$AP “Xelah”!


    Yup I’ve joined ;) Been around for a couple of months yes I’m in the community for like one month
  17. A$AP “Xelah”!


    hi everyone I’m xelah :) glad to be here and know new people see you guys in game