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  1. worldmafia notorious again

    yo guys, Let's get our players back. They play on CI5 now, this is unacceptable. Their server sucks. KF bro, since i m the only admin on atm, i ll need ur help if i fil up our HC server...i m simple user (lvl1) so i can't provide the players security they need on our server. Would you put me...
  2. exams is coming

    yo brouh, i think i may already told u that by the past, not sure, well the title says it all, exams are coming : 9may first session and end june second session (which i ll go for sure cuz i didn't go to all the exams in the first sess of the first semester...) well whetevr thing is i will be...
  3. claymores in the hardcore server

    ight, so i noticed there is more and more claymores in the hardcore server, which makes rushing sometimes impossible in certain areas. i mean, sometimes u rush the enemy spawn, u manage to avoid like 4-5 clays, then u avoid a clay and surprise....there is one more clay behind. so here is why i...
  4. summer is coming

    yo guys, just popped to let u know that i ll be off for the whole summer (like every summers), cuz i only will have space for sea, sex and sun (and work ofc) so i ll cya guys in september, Much love from france
  5. HC maps

    Well dudes i m sorry to bother you once more with it, but for geeks who play like me everyday on the server, there are things that are imo useless well guys before making a poll out of this topic, i would like to know the exact rotation on the server. i should tell you what is this all about...
  6. status update

    at the root page of the forum u got a block called status update, KF plz just disable this block, this is only bots putting add, since they cannot post a topic nemore, they found a way to spam again... cheers

    like the tittle says it, this topic is only about hip hop songs, i expect u funkers to put links over youtube ;) hip hop from ur countries are highly welcome, make me flyyyy Here is my youtube channel, u can get many US hip hop classics and french hip hop there, on playlists if u...
  8. where is dema?

    well its been a while now i was nostalgic about old membrs we nearly forgot, so peace out to all these peeps like dema, zoli, carlzone, da, salmon ma bro, etc who built wm and are now dead...btw, what happened to dema? kicked, left, stopped playing? had a child? cheers
  9. i m leaving cod, little thinking for u all ;)

    ok so for work purposes i decided to uninstall cod + xfire cuz i m a geek !! and i needa work it's way more important...hope u understand that... krazy thanks for everyting u ve been a good mate durng all these years salmon i ll come visit you some day to holland, gotta take ur facebook or sth...
  10. yo guys sup?

    hey itz been a long time guys, i went around europe for few weeks, and rarely got net with me, i ll be back to the net on september the 1st kisses Ryu
  11. Clan pictures

    ok so as promised u ll see here the face of the WM members so please don't spam this thread with a fake nude women for the frustrated guys or boy for almost everyone, nor ugly faces of geeks and saying it's someone of the clan, etc post ur pics mofo's!! ;) here is the sexy frog...
  12. Post ur desktop

    hey guys i wanna see how ur cpu looks like, who are the geeks, and who has a sex wallpaper, here i begin
  13. A promod is out for codBO

    A promod is out for codBO, its an unofficial one, but it looks nice, KF let's try it? ^^
  14. care?

    hello so i didn't introduced myself yet as it seems.. i m called Julien, 23yo, from france, student 4th year psychology, playing volleyball at national3 division, i m a drummer, i play cod4 since it exists, i used to play swat4 with WM before, i know some of u for 5 years (KF, euska, dema...