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  1. REJECTED Introduction myself + be part of WM

    Hahaha mfs
  2. REJECTED Introduction myself + be part of WM

    Sahbi, are you a joke?
  3. hello

    Hi and welcome
  4. ACCEPTED Hello

    Yoo, welcome :)
  5. WM Awards 2019

  6. ACCEPTED Hi ok

    :PepeHu3Hu3BR: thnx guys next step is to recruit suka laguna
  7. ACCEPTED Hi ok

    Hm too late i think:PepeHu3Hu3BR:
  8. ACCEPTED Hi ok

    Hi, Im new here, i want to join your clan. Please accept me and make me vip pls Or admin so i can make myself vip Ok bye What is your in-game name? → Sinaas Which games do you play and for how long? → swat, im new to the game. I have cs etc as well, but never play it. And overwatch ofc Where...