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    Owned by ESA!

    [22:34] |WM|Cнαяƒιяᴈ: silver [22:34] |WM|Cнαяƒιяᴈ: wtf [22:34] |WM|Cнαяƒιяᴈ: i have been banned [22:34] |WM|SilverKnight: BANNED FOR HAX [22:35] |WM|Cнαяƒιяᴈ: wtf [22:35] |WM|Cнαяƒιяᴈ: i was joking [22:35] |WM|SilverKnight: ;) [22:35] |WM|Cнαяƒιяᴈ: which noob banned? [22:35] |WM|SilverKnight...
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    English Lesson

    that happens when an Englishman tries to teach English :( [14:24] |WM|Chαяƒιяᴈ: Hey Gay? [14:24] |WM|Chαяƒιяᴈ: Here? [14:24] |WM|Chαяƒιяᴈ: cmon.. [14:26] |WM|SilverKnight: what do u want? [14:26] |WM|Chαяƒιяᴈ: omg... [14:27] |WM|Chαяƒιяᴈ: wait [14:27] |WM|Chαяƒιяᴈ...
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    AWARDS 2010: Best CoD4 WM player

    Choose which one is the best CoD4 player (in WM) in ur opinion. if u want other members added: talk to Filix, KF, SBSP or VIRUS poll closing on Sunday 14:00 CET. the candidates were NOT chosen by me.
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    AWARDS 2010: Best S4 WM player

    i think there is no need to expain it ;) info: the candidates were NOT chosen by me; complaints to Filix, KrazyFire, SBSP or ViRuS
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    hey, guys. cause your recommendation for my last question was really good (Dragon Age), i wanted to ask if u have another game recommendation. We are looking for a multiplayer/online RPG (for free/cracked games/whatever) where we can play togethor in a party, go on quests, level up, etc.
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    WM Application Form and Information

    What is WorldMafia? WM is an international, multicultural and multiethnical gaming and e-sports clan. The games we support and mainly play are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty 4 and SWAT 4. Our members come from Europe, Asia and America. The clan's language is English. We run some...
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    HB, wish u all the best! PS: Don't forget to send all the presents to Silver ;)
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    Can u guys recommend me some Role-Playing-Games which you can play without internet connection (singleplayer) and which isnt older than 5 years. NO, filix/menc: not your kind of role-playing games :ninja:
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    How to do First Aid

    Hey, gays, shemales and wanna-be-gays ... With all the shooting/nading/hurting/killing in the World Mafia (SWAT/CoD), it is necessary that everyone learns how to do first aid properly. SO CHECK THIS OUT: 1st part 2nd part
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    Happy birthday, WM!!!

    :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: World Mafia's 4th Birthday :party_time: :party_time: :party_time: :party_time: :party_time:
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    we need a tracker to see how long the applicants played in our server ...
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    New Trial Member

    CHECK THIS OUT! look especially who is trial :D. PS: maybe update the list? :4:
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    MAP: DuPlessis Diamond Center

    Should the DuPlessis Diamond Center map been added to our servermaplist, too? if yes, how often should this map run? PS: since filix added the last 2 maps, svr is updating settings at start of each round => it's as if we are for 2 sec in spec mode!
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    Hi! (i forgot to introduce myself yet, so i wanted to make it good) Name: Osman (like the first emperor / founder of the Ottoman Empire :) ) InGame: SilverKnight Forum: Silver Age: 21 I'm turkish, but i've been born and live in Germany. My Turkish is really bad (ask Kami or...