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  1. RESOLVED I got banned

    Hello guys, its long time i was here last time :). I would like to ask you to unban me. i played today arround 21:30 under nick player on WM vip server. I have been banned because my 3 years old son killed whole team in fairfax residence immediately after map started during the time i was on...
  2. hello gays

    i only wanna say ur all gays :P anyway there is a poll
  3. password

    Should i change password every day? :P Your password is 14657 days old, and has therefore expired. Please change your password using this page.
  4. maintenance scheduled

    Dear client There is maintenance scheduled on your server(s) between the hours of 7am - 12 noon on Tuesday the 14th of July. Sorry for this interruption in your service. Kind Regards Chris Clark ==================== Please do not respond to this email. In all instances please...