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  1. Re-introduction

    Yo, for everyone that may remember who i am. steam profile below. much love
  2. RETIRED Texas Joe

    Yeah he offered me beer so he's automatically getting my vote. I came out of retirement from many years to make this post
  3. WorldMafia Apparel

    Would you like to post a possibility you prefer then ?
  4. WorldMafia Apparel

    Would you like to post a possibility you prefer then ?
  5. WorldMafia Apparel

    Yeah I like it
  6. WorldMafia Apparel

    nice idea xavii anyone else wanting to post a visual design like this ? need to keep this topic alive or nothing will get done !!
  7. [CS:GO] [SOLVED] Banned for no reason?

    hahah I like that answer
  8. WorldMafia Apparel

    ok lets have some ideas then ? Colour? what do we want on the logo ? what games do we include ? do we hold any sponsors ?
  9. WorldMafia Apparel costs € 26.95 and you can custom design all the artwork
  10. WorldMafia Apparel

    I personally like the simple clean cut idea, I am also a fan of the esports stuff xavii posted and although they are a little bit more I think it may be worth it. A worldmafia meet up is a special occasion and I like to be looking fine for you boys ;)
  11. WorldMafia Apparel

    Some nice input here guys, let's keep it up :)
  12. WorldMafia Apparel

    this to start us off, ideas ?
  13. WorldMafia Apparel

    Right then boys and girls, Again some of us this year are attending the LAN event "The-Party" last year myself and a few others went as an external team "reverse gaming" this time due to the higher number of WM members attending, we will be playing under the WorldMafia name, etc... It's become...
  14. ban

    i'm afraid after a discussion with the fellow admins, despite the appeal on here, your ban will stay. The evidence in front of us is enough to affirm the accusations of "no recoil" and high suspicion of "wallhack" We are reluctant in this decision but we hold a zero tolerance with cheaters...
  15. ban

    Again I did spectate the allegations of no recoil, to me it looked like it was. We will give you fair trial and discuss this in private among the admins. The ban will stay until (if) we decide otherwise
  16. Hello and thanks for having me on the team!

    Welcome to the team buddy ! Not to put a damper on the thread however please remember that just because you have been given full member status does not mean it's a care free ride from here on out. You are now expected to set an example to the rest of the scrubs in our servers. You are...
  17. Average WM member :P

    Height: 192 cm Weight: 115 KG Age: 22 (19/12/92) Location: Birmingham, England Occupation: Maintenance engineer at Solihull Ice Rink Sex: First session is free Religion: Atheist Orgin: English / welsh Skin colour: Caucasian Fat percentage: I'm 60% Kapsalon Sport: Ice Hockey Penis Size: 10cm...
  18. thanks santa for kick

    Klemsi. At the end of the day somebody was going to be kicked, maybe you feel it wasn't random because you think due to your regularity in our server you are exempt ? Sir clearly the odds were not in your favour, all I can say is better luck next time
  19. heyaaa

    you're an 11 cute alina
  20. Wepnext YES or NO ?

    What is this weapnext bind you all speak of ?