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  1. Random crashes

    Maybe it's your game preferences. I used to have this kind of game crash with bf2 even years ago when I started the game on realtime priority while using Fraps, Sony Vegas and iTunes besides. Without having any knowledge on Software issues, I responded the issue by shutting down Vegas (which...
  2. New Logo

    thats the best Ive ever seen
  3. Insult game

    your mom is so ugly, even grummy cat gets scared
  4. Krazyfire is so lazy that...

    Krazyfire is so lazy... he doesn't even keep this thread alive!
  5. You mouse sensitivity{COD players too]

    very sensi"vity"
  6. Heeeeeeeeeeey

  7. great songs!
  8. Got banned (FrenchYyYyYyYy)

    Well, basically you can get a black pb-screenshot in every fps game there is (depending on your harddrive and stuff). I wasnt neither on the server nor did i spec you but let me tell you this: the most enjoyable possibility for every hacker is to turn the hack on or off. Only the few dumbest...
  9. What is your job?

    400 pound lol. i remember the prize of cigarettes back in manchester 2008, when they got sold for like 8,50 pound or something and then in 2009 their prize was like 10-12 pound in London. Jesus 400 poun a week is a joke :[
  10. Call of duty 4 Movies/Clips/Edits

    who is phantasy?:O
  11. What is your job?

    as far as i know the only girls studying pharmacy look quiet adorable :3 i for myself am working money :D
  12. I, myself and me

    no way that hes getting a real gf tho :3
  13. Insult game

    your mum is so fat, she serves as an aircraft carrier to royal navy!
  14. Guess who will post next

    no french gays! nbext up is jetty
  15. The Introduction

    i used to "habitate" the very first fleet above the central station... in the evening i often used to sit down on/in (whatever) my hammock while drinking some finest Stauder (Essener beer) and enjoying the different ethnic groups dealing drugs, beating each other and asking some of the whores...
  16. claymores in the hardcore server

    i wont vote hence i dont play anything else besides promod, but i want to argue a bit. i always hated claymores in every game i facedf them. to me theyre also unuseful and shit and they make camping much more easier and i therefore see your point. but on the other hand, "tools" like claymores...
  17. Guess who will post next

    no, now jetty
  18. The Introduction

    nice ;9 i studied in essen and wuppertal :P i live in essen now :3
  19. CS:GO Daily Deal - Only 2€! [Offer Expired]

    #1 do we have a server? 2# do i need to play it or can i just buy it?
  20. hey

    nevermind ;9 just a "gay-.gif"