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  1. great songs!
  2. great songs!
  3. great songs!
  4. great songs!
  5. Idea for betting.

  6. Idea for betting.

  7. great songs!
  8. great songs!
  9. CS:GO Video + Scorethread

  10. World Mafia 2v2 pistol-defusal tournament

    Same goes for me, I most propably won't make it - family weekend ahead... Have fun lads!
  11. great songs!
  12. intellectual and intelligent spam

    The correct english term is "Freudian Slip"
  13. intellectual and intelligent spam

    Percent* Damn mobile interface won't let me edit my post
  14. intellectual and intelligent spam

    That reminds me of an old joke / game. You ask someone to reply to some questions as fast as possible, and then you just ask for the color of white things. "what color have clouds? White. What color has my shirt? White. What color has snow? White." And so on... Then, after 5 or 6 questions, you...
  15. CS:GO Video + Scorethread

    3 cheaters in the enemy team... I was driven by 100% pure rage.
  16. intellectual and intelligent spam

    A river
  17. great songs!
  18. CS:GO Video + Scorethread

    N1 :D
  19. CS:GO Video + Scorethread