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  1. Its semi fixed :D

    rofl, great job bro, loading fast, and pleasant to the eyes motherfucking peace.
  2. worldmafia notorious again

    aight lordy, thx for the infos, well we ll see what can be done
  3. worldmafia notorious again

    life is aight bro, know what? i work for the justice ministry as a psychologist, to help judges making decisions about juvenile delinquant or childhood protection! that's a fkin great job. i got a GF atm so my life is becoming settled, which let me some time to play...+ winter is coming, and...

  5. worldmafia notorious again

    ps: nice job on the website, i like it
  6. worldmafia notorious again

    yo guys, Let's get our players back. They play on CI5 now, this is unacceptable. Their server sucks. KF bro, since i m the only admin on atm, i ll need ur help if i fil up our HC server...i m simple user (lvl1) so i can't provide the players security they need on our server. Would you put me...
  7. Is there anyone good with Photoshop around here?

    Javier PRESIDENT :D
  8. Cookiez fresher introduction

    eyo cookz, welcome mein B)
  9. Admin's code of conduct

    mmh i m not a bot. So i admin like i feel it. Maybe this shocked a few, but i think i m appreciated as an admin and i don't overuse my rights. So i don't feel like acting under any code of conduct.
  10. exams is coming

    yo brouh, i think i may already told u that by the past, not sure, well the title says it all, exams are coming : 9may first session and end june second session (which i ll go for sure cuz i didn't go to all the exams in the first sess of the first semester...) well whetevr thing is i will be...
  11. Hello 2 All

    i can testify 100% the spain missy aint cheating, but i couldn't care less if you ban her tbh.
  12. How you doin'?

    hi dude, enjoy ur stay, welcome !!
  13. Hello 2 All

    hello, welcome to the forums, i heard of ur clan a few times before, see ya ingame ;)
  14. ONLY HIP HOP NIGGAAAAAAAAAA #dark *mobb to the deep*

    i used to make mashups mate, a long time ago. nice songs btw ;) what bout u?
  16. Hay

    yo dude, i also study psychology, in rennes, big up from france nice jumping skillz peace!
  17. Got banned (FrenchYyYyYyYy)

    there aint many things u could do right now bro. u seems like a nice fellah and ur french, so i ll give u an advice from a country-mate if they won't unban you... get another key, and record all ur games in WM so if somebody ban you u can give us the demo and we can watch them in slow-motion in...
  19. What is your job?

    gratz :)
  20. Worldmafia Poker Night

    stoner will win the money i m afraid, and i got no enough to pay him beers :p nice idea tho, why not tbh