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    I just came to say Hello

    A goner with a boner. Hej there!
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    REJECTED Application

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    I want to say HI

    Hola señor PIPE, welcome and enjoy my avatar!
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    I had tears in my eyes reading this
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    I just ordered a big package of salt, please be patient, it will arrive soon
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    Wat?! I'm not Mr. 8,8D
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    Hej thats my question, Linux
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    Don't worry, we know you are gay. Guess I have to vote for no then
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    Do you have a sister?
  11. RuGiZuGi

    World Mafia 2v2 pistol-defusal tournament

    If we knew the date when it starts you can probably count in Keyes and me
  12. RuGiZuGi

    SWAT4 10th Anniversary Competition [with PRIZES]

    Let swat rest in peace
  13. RuGiZuGi

    Please help me

    Swatguistate. Ini blan=true
  14. RuGiZuGi

    2015-2016 counting bet

    I bet 38728 55
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    intellectual and intelligent spam

  16. RuGiZuGi

    SWAT4 creepy pasta

    Yeah that's normal in swat when you get stun or hit by smoke
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    All footage I recorded from the event

    Emo? Still alive? Captain of csgo who never plays it
  18. RuGiZuGi

    2015 SWAT GAME!

    I didn't have much time because it was a bit late for me, but I enjoyed it so far very much. Looking farward to next swat game
  19. RuGiZuGi

    2015 SWAT GAME!

    Server up and running with 32 slots, should even block all queries. Server can be started/stopped by emo and keyes i guess, in case it crashes or whatsoever. We will see how it performs with all those full and resource hungry csgo servers, that already use 30+ Mbit/s upload 24/7 and CPU peaks at...
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    2015 SWAT GAME!

    Kick a kickban Linux