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  1. SabbatH

    Age of Empires III

    Ok I have the game and it works on my laptop. Still I did not checked the multiplayer mode...nor I am not sure what kind of version I have (I mean the patched one or not).
  2. SabbatH

    Goodbye SWAT4® 1.1 VIP Tournament 2014

    WM FTW ! WM POWA ! SabbatH aka "WM fat cheerleader" :D
  3. SabbatH

    Summer 2014 Update

    Good report :) I wish that I could take part in that last vip 1.1 tournament, but so busy this summer. Anyway all the best for the WM family ;)
  4. SabbatH

    Hey Hell_Angel is here!

    Hi there
  5. SabbatH

    Swat4 Global Awards!

    As usual - WM POWA ! ! ! :D Ahhh me wanna cry ;) So many good memories :)
  6. SabbatH

    MYT vs WM

    hi 007, I guess there will be enough people to play ;)
  7. SabbatH

    What is your job?

    Fast food tester for McDonalds, KFC, PizzaHut, BurgerKing and Taco Bell.
  8. SabbatH


    Heja :)
  9. SabbatH

    Just a little introduction

    007 here :-O hi there :)
  10. SabbatH

    Hola compadres y muchachos!

    Hi :)
  11. SabbatH


    Hi ! Have fun :)
  12. SabbatH


    Hi there have fun :)
  13. SabbatH


    Heja ;)
  14. SabbatH

    For the second time.

    Hi and welcome :)
  15. SabbatH

    Hello There

    Hi again Missy :) Well WM will be a swat4 history - 2 people from Iran in 1 clan :D
  16. SabbatH

    Move along.

    Hi Skan, Have a nice stay and enjoy
  17. SabbatH

    HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Bane you asshole ! Hi there :D
  18. SabbatH

    Happy New Year for 2014 and 2013 Awards

    Hahahahah nice one Congratz to all ! Happy New Year :)
  19. SabbatH

    Christmas Promotions 2013

    Congratz to all and Merry X-mass
  20. SabbatH

    -= Challenge Section =- [DON'T SPAM!]

    Hi m8, I'll contact you on Friday. Dunno if we will have enough ppl during holiday time but we'll try ;)