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  1. Happy Birthday EmoPig!

    heeey emo, which body part did u mark for your birthday? and did u cut it with a knife or something else?
  2. Happy Birthday Michal!

    happy birth day dude, do u still hate jews?
  4. this site looks fuckable again.

    this site looks fuckable again.
  5. forum is fuckable again.

    forum is fuckable again.
  6. site looks fuckable

    site looks fuckable
  7. finally forum looks fuckable.

    finally forum looks fuckable.
  8. 2015 SWAT GAME!

    you mother fuckers , i would love to play that shit for last time, i just need a good torrent file to download, help me faggots.
  9. Important pool.

    try me , i can take a joke Babe.
  10. Zugi goes hard nd at the end Pistolero goes harder!

    first i saw the title i thought its a gay scene between these 2 knuckleheads.
  11. Goodbye SWAT4® 1.1 VIP Tournament 2014

    guys where is sunny TBH i miss him badly. u fuckers didnt think about the consequence of making fun of him . now he is gone and all the weird shit that was FUN in swat is gone now, fuck you guys :) anyway i wanted to say that qR| team in tournament is good.
  12. Hi!

    welcome to forum
  13. Who will win World CUP 2014

    i think germany will win
  14. Deep House Session

    guys i want mixes like this : can anyone help me with that?
  15. <3

    hb cunt
  16. Happy birthday Emo

  17. GYM Motivation!

    i guess getting rid of that ugly beer belly needs alot of motivation right? the fact that you are racist gives me motivation to troll here harder.
  18. GYM Motivation!

    now i can even tell exactly what kinda bodybuilder you are. PUSSIES.
  19. GYM Motivation!

    just girls need motivation for GYM. you pussies
  20. How you doin'?