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  1. Happy Birthday EmoPig!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Pig! All the BEST to you! Sorry I´m late.
  2. ACCEPTED DigitalDrunkenMonkey

    Welcome and enjoy!
  3. Happy Birthday Pigneto!

    Thx guys! @Michal: I don´t know if this is a present or a bitchslap! ;)
  4. Hi friends

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay and better don´t add pig on steam :confused:
  5. Heyos :)

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay :)
  6. where the hell has the shoutbox gone?!??

    Thank you!
  7. Dirty Bomb

    Sounds kinda ok, I´ll give it a try.
  8. WM meeting in Moscow?

    Well, after reading all those posts I have to say sth too. Every society in which you can be harmed for being other/ different then the majority of the people, should be classified as traditional (in a nice saying) or as medieval or fucked up (in a bad saying). Coz it´s nothing else, just...
  9. Guess who will post next

    Nah, it´s CracknetO. Next is dat swifty ;)
  10. Guess who will post next

    PignetO maybe, but not dat EmoPig. Now it´s swifty
  11. Guess who will post next

    Surprise! Now it´s time for swifty
  12. who remember the song : Snap! ~ Rhythm Is A Dancer?

    Really not my kind of music. Liked the original though.
  13. Xfire screenshots and videos

    They close tonight I guess.
  14. HI all

    Hello and welcome, looking forward to kill you, in server ofc :D
  15. Hello from Greece...

    Hello and welcome! ;)
  16. 2015-2016 counting bet

    365 my bet: 1265
  17. de_foodstation current map tour

    You gave me a smile :) Looking forward to enjoy it ;)
  18. Funny Videos II
  19. Butcher

    agree :D
  20. intellectual and intelligent spam

    You´ve been faster, but your 2nd answer was wrong. Both kids are lying in this case. I don´t think you can without wasting. There´s no information about the pills. You could only guess.