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  1. Happpy Birthday Hectorrr

    Thx guys :D)
  2. Help help help

    Guys i did format and i cant found swat4 cd here so can u give me Full toretnt link ??
  3. Hi all

    Hi pimpy welcome gay clan :P) CF fu man he is not like u so plasee dont atack my frinds go play barbie :P:)
  4. FUcking polak server

    Fu all stop joing me naabs :D) yes Sebahat old server now RD mode my idea :D)) so now we have vip and rd perfect i think i stop play vip coz i have bad ping there just play RD :D)
  5. FUcking polak server

    Server NameWorld Mafia VIP server Server IP Server Ping264 Server InfoVictory Imports Auto Center (16/16) Game TypeVIP Escort Look this guys server when will full pings getting over!!! michal fixed server or closed man we have german server its okefor ll but u living...
  6. !!

    STFU GUYS i m happy :D) dont be gay michal if u want pink they will make :D faty michal :D)
  7. !!

    STFU ALL !!! Why i m pink again flix!!!
  8. !!

    Finally my color fixed :D lol nice color DAIS :D)) hahahahah
  9. !!

    Stfu dg :D
  10. SMAC Banned me on S><C Server

    lol idk this is normal :D
  11. !!

    KF change my color now !! omfg i never cant join forum and cant writing anythink all kiding me gay change!!!:hot:
  12. Time to say goodbye :)

    tit u noob stop child spam go drink milk:P
  13. FU Bob

    stfu gays yes we must be fuck Bob
  14. WM 5th Birthday =)

    HB fuckers and gays :)
  15. lol a xfire protokol :D

    guys change my color omg !!!! i m not alone when u make me pink u must be do filix,Sbsp and michal to omg!!!!!
  16. Virus and his pig

    omfg why always all make spam about me and gay pic act ect ;)) we have 2 big gaay 1. bob 2. michal plasee guys cmn not me they are best .)
  17. |WM| 2010 awards !!

    omg Michal !!! and bob plase leave me alone gay'S or i bann ;)) i m not low gay michal stfu !! and bob stop spam about me gay leaader
  18. Happy Birtday SBSP :D

    Are u now i rhink whit boyfrined but i dont care :D):dance: Happy birtdayyy!!!!
  19. Promotion time yet again :D

    Thx for all guys :D)
  20. Slap your boss :D

    lol realy perfect game this bos should be SBSP or Krayzfire xD