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  1. WM Awards 2017

    Amazing all
  2. Hi friends

    Hola compinche
  3. Heyos :)

    Hi there!
  4. Its semi fixed :D

    I cant see private are, in case we still have any
  5. worldmafia notorious again

  6. Its semi fixed :D

    KF will leave the work half done
  7. WM meeting in Moscow?

    hahaha "they put them anywhere" you talk as if gays, women or black people were your property and you can do with them whatever you want. Ofc we have gay people in TV, if they are prepared for the job and do it better than others, why not? One of the most famous Anchors in Spain is gay. He is...
  8. WM meeting in Moscow?

    As said, I dont believe some people hate gays because their primal instincts tell them it is against the survival of the human specie. I think it is more about fear/hate against something they are not used to. If I recall right, in Greek or Roman societies gay sex was socially accepted. I dont...
  9. WM meeting in Moscow?

    Linux, we are not discussing about parades here. There is a gay parade once a year in the cities that allow it to celebrate that their love is socially accepted and respected, to claim their rights etc etc. Of course, they also try to organize parades in cities in which it is not allowed as a...
  10. WM meeting in Moscow?

    Gays do not need parades to be beaten up. Anyway, are there not religious celebrations in public in your country? maybe not because of the communist past but in many countries there are. Forbiding/hating/insulting/beating up other people because of their sexuality/ethnic group/religion etc is...
  11. WM meeting in Moscow?

    They should be beating up priests and nuns for that same logic.
  12. WM meeting in Moscow?

    The worst about this debate is that we can not discuss it while drinking some beers together haha
  13. WM meeting in Moscow?

    haha Durden do you share that thought?
  14. WM meeting in Moscow?

    Well, first of all I do not mean to offend anyone. I just find the video interesting and this forum needs topics like this to keep it alive :D This is not an Anti-Russia topic at all. I am glad Skandalist is posting his view so we can have the real opinion of a russian. I am actually surprised...
  15. WM meeting in Moscow?

    Damn, I really would like to learn russian. The fact that a gay couple can be insulted, threaten or beaten up by kissing each other or showing their love on streets shows that many russians hate gays, that is not the saddest thing about this. The worst is that this is socially accepted, and if a...
  16. WM meeting in Moscow?

    A gay couple walking the streets of Moscow Skandalist, are you one of them as I proposed you in this topic? :D
  17. Xfire screenshots and videos

    Since xfire is closing, I have downloaded all my screenshots (Yes, that waiting list actually works). I will post some soon I have quite old ones of our swat golden years. Post yours if you find some that can bring us good memories and laughs!
  18. No More Room In Hell

    It would make more fun and would be easier to teamwork if played on teamspeak!
  19. No More Room In Hell

    I played yesterday for the first time with linux, emo and magneto. It does make fun to me, it takes teamwork and cooperation to survive. Maps and misisons are long and hard, we have not been able to finish one yet.
  20. Xfire off on Friday. Shutdown forever.

    Sad. so the program won't be working or just the social website?