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  1. EmoPig

    WM Memberlist Update - Corona 2020

    Elevations: Sinaas > Senior Admin Xavii > Senior Admin Zugi > Senior Admin Jimas > Admin Relegations: Bane > Admin HowlinPelle > Admin DIABOLIK > Member SkandalisT > Member More changes might be made at a later date. Best regards, WM Management
  2. EmoPig

    WM Memberlist Update for Summer 2019

    Elevations: Svetlana > SWAT4 Senior Admin TCR > SWAT4 & CS:GO Admin Relegations: DIABOLIK > SWAT4 Admin Fox > CS:GO Member Special: Xavii > Honorary Member BadTime > Honorary Member STasEK > Retired Member More changes might be made at a later date. Best regards, WM Management
  3. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday Linux!!!

  4. EmoPig

    WM New Year Memberlist Update 2019

    Elevations: Svetlana - SWAT4 A Relegations: SabbatH - Honorary Member (long term inactivity) Euskadi - Retired Member (long term inactivity) IcemanKiller666 - Retired Member (long term inactivity) James_Bond - Retired Member (long term inactivity) MagnetO - Retired Member (long term...
  5. EmoPig

    WM Christmas Memberlist Update 2018

    Management changes: Charfire - moved back to Management position Elevations: DIABOLIK - SWAT4 SA SkandalisT - SWAT4 SA Bane - SWAT4 SA Relegations: STasEK - SWAT4 M (long term inactivity) KrAQL - SWAT4 M (long term inactivity) More changes might be made after the New Year. Best...
  6. EmoPig

    CoD4 Section (or any other CoD version)

    Hey guys! I intended to write this topic some weeks ago, but I kept getting caught up with some other stuff and forgot to do it. As you have noticed already, we have closed the CoD4 section due to the lack of leadership and playerbase (imo, once Ceee & alex left, this section remained...
  7. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday Swed!!!

  8. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday Rugi!

  9. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday Bane!!!

    Yeeeeeeeah, boiiiiiiiiieeeee!
  10. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday Fox!

  11. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday Ben!

  12. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday Hunter!

  13. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday Bizon!!! (SwedishThreesome)

  14. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday Ceee!

  15. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday SoH Hetmun!!!

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    Happy Birthday KrazyFire!!!

  17. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday Rugi!

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    Happy Birthday Gayka!

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    Happy Birthday Pigneto!

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    Happy Birthday Michal!

    Happy birthday m8y!!! You are nominal!!!