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    SWAT4 The Interactive Game

  2. TheHunter159

    Going solo VS 100+ suspects on fairfax

    Spoilers: I failed.
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    SWAT4 VR pictures I made today

    All you gotta do is own a VR cardbox, you can make one yourself, there are tons of guides on how to make them. If you have spare 5$ you can buy one and there are many applications you can use from appstore\playstore for this cardbox, games, exploration apps and more, so it's not only for those...
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    Happy birthday SWAT4

    Can't believe you guys forgot about it ;) This game is dying though so I can understand.
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    Register your team for the 2v2 pistol tournament here!

    Here you'll be registering your team for the tournament! Please fill this form: Team name: Player1: nickname + steam ID + steam community link Player2: nickname + steam ID + steam community link -No duplicate names or team names -If the teams number is uneven the last team won't be joining...
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    World Mafia 2v2 pistol-defusal tournament

    World Mafia brings you a new kind of tournament, a 2v2 pistol-only on your favorite maps! What are the rules? The only gear that is allowed to be used: -Pistols -Kevlar & helmet -Defuse kit -Any grenades Basically these 3 sections: -No cheating or hacking in any way -No cursing, respect...
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    de_foodstation current map tour Obviously some areas aren't finished. The moon is acting as the sun, it casts white-bluish light. The reason for the map's name change is that this map has a restaurant and a fueling station, de_foodwall just doesn't fit and I think this one doesn't...
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    Sparkles - 500k youtube subscribers giveaway.

    Sparkles has reached 500k subscribers on youtube pretty quickly and he's having a pretty big and expensive giveaway. Use this site to enter the giveaway: We all know that none of us will win anything but hey, it's free...
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    SWAT4 creepy pasta

    None of these pictures were edited SWAT4 experts please explain.
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    All footage I recorded from the event

    Highlights: Brewer courthouse:
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    Army Commander (Gindis)

    About a week ago I found (I actually played that like 6 years ago) a nice game called Army Commander, it's a web game. You basically build your own country with economy, technology and army. You start with 365 turns, 1M money, 1500 land, 3 civilian factories and 3 army factories. You are...
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    Valve reintroducing de_train Gabe finally used his money in a good way ;) In my opinion this map looks amazing, hopefully this will be accepted by pros, I wanna see it in action.
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    Huge 5K$ giveaway Here's the announcement: Here's my link, if you want to help me get some more entries
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    From TF2: To CS:GO: Seems like the thumbnail isn't updated yet. Here's the supposed to be thumbnail:
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    Maikelelelelelelelelele to join NiP Seems like a great AWPer, hopefully better than JW, the AWPer of fnatic. Go and rise NiP, hopefully I won't lose skins because of you anymore.
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    A new weapon? (tac21) I can't find the sound on youtube. But until tomorrow when I get home, you can download gcf scape and find the sound at csgo's .vpk file. Also 2+1=3, hl3 confirmed!!
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    New operation coming

    Gabe Newell's birthday is at 3/11/14 Born: November 3, 1962 (age 51) 3 = illuminati confirmed, HL3 confirmed aswell Operation Gabe Newell confirmed. This is a joke :wacko:
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    Source Film Maker videos That's not that as good as the above but pretty nice: (this one won't implant in the forum for some reason)
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    As some of you may know, I've been working on making foodwall into CS:GO for the last past months. Here are some photos: Bedroom: Roof+Yard: Roof+Yard+Alley: B bombsite, not finished as you can see, with developer textures, basically just for gameplay right now. A bombsite...
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    New update focusing on CZ-75 and cobblestone Too lazy.