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  1. For all my muslim friends :)

    fuckkk off guys. i m starving. hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  2. performance issues. mb some1 know wtf?

    just update your graphic card driver. some video games requires new updates. and also you may check your oı( win 7 or xp etc )
  3. YO WM bitches

    random noob :)
  4. Hello guys:)

    hello, welcome to forum. see you around in games

    hey welcome. p.S. i ddn t what you read :)
  6. Xaviiii birthday!

    happpy birthdsay spanish boyyyyyyyyyy
  7. i m leaving cod, little thinking for u all ;)

    nooooo ryuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.noooooooooooo. take care dude. we are ganna miss you. when you wanna come back you are always welcome.
  8. Fat making progress

    loooooool jatsongay. and finally there is some1 who more suck than me :D
  9. The best 2 mins of porn ever !!!!

    mencj you really need to watch real porno
  10. MW 3 or BF3

    knife cheaters. :)))) i am the best in cod
  11. Television Series

    if u like sex scenes then you should watch spartacus. its sex scenes are better than thronnes
  12. Eid mubarak

    eid mubarek inshallah to you all
  13. Television Series

    we have both wc...
  14. Television Series

    turks are not able to be researched for anything. we are strange nation :D yeah i buy newspaper coz of i like to read newspaper in the wc. and also i check news web page regularly
  15. Television Series

    i heard the research that watching tv at the same time on pc causes focus distraction in real life. so wathc out javii
  16. hi all Weed Monsters

    hey welcome
  17. Television Series

    my grandapa watches it :)
  18. Biggidy bam

    heyy welcome
  19. where are all the spammers gone???

    if u open new spam thread then you will be alone out of the forum. :)
  20. Television Series

    house M.D. game of thronnes spartacus ( still waiting for new season ) The vampire diaries ( i do not know why i watch this series ) breaking Bad