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  1. Today is Flashbang's birthdayyy

    happy birthday Flash!!
  2. WM tag

    ty all guys!! I hope not to disappoint you!! see you soon on server!!:4:
  3. WM tag

    xd xd..ty for all.. but where can i find your xfire adresses??
  4. WM tag

    done!! i have compiled the page, and now?:2dsv9:
  5. WM tag

    ok ty, but trial is a wm server?
  6. WM tag

    hi guyz, how can i play with wm tag in world mafia server? ty :bananen_smilies012:
  7. hello guys!!

    hello everybody!! my name is filippo alias sflash, i'm 20 and i come from italy.. see you soon on swat 4 guys!!:83: