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  1. What sports do you follow?

    Let me see, what sport do you like :D Maybe if we are enough followers of any of them, we could discuss, argue, report some news about sport Tell me if I forgot some sport to add it
  2. Punkbuster Need help!

    I got kicked by punkbuster since this afternoon some mins ago coz punkbuster. idk but it appears: Restriction: Service Communication Failure:PnkBstrB.exe driver failuere(PnkBstrK.sys)ffab I updated punkbuster and nothing yet I got kicked in every server
  3. Mouse + Keyboard

    My mouse is wireless logitech m205 and it started to suck hard since I formated HDD so Im thinking to buy new one, same for keyboard(its wireless too and it doesnt work since long). Obviously, wireless sucks but I should buy non-wireless mouse although I dont know if to gaming its better...
  4. Xaviiii birthday!

    Happy birthday paquete :D Btw you must drunk 1Litre per hour what you have played at swat4 or we kick your ass :D Enjoy this day! y no la lies mucho por ahi xd
  5. Funny Guy this Insomniax6

    Did you guys remember this insomniax6? This guy was spamming our forum with ''wanna play 1vs1''. I had him on xfire and he was spamming me too via xfire with a 1vs1. For example yesterday, '' his best day ever'' xD [16:13] ViRuS!: 1v1? [16:13] ViRuS!: Do you...
  6. Fifa12 fail

    Here is the mega uber pro impact engine from fifa12, what a nabs xD! Pes12>Fifa12
  7. Yo all :p

    Hola I did already an introductio about me here but maybe it was deleted like Michal and Krazyfire deleted me from xfire :P Something about me: I'm Gumias from Spain. Im 19 and I play at Swat4 for 3 years with some breaks. My first year was playing in public bs gay servers where I...