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  1. Xfire off on Friday. Shutdown forever.

    we have decided to sunset the Xfire Client and the social site So client too, most likely :(
  2. WH - GtA

  3. WH - GtA

    Please provide a recorded demo as proof (/demo ingame in console, spectating the player)
  4. The Picture Movie Quiz Game

  5. Video footage of me not scrolling.

    Did you even look at his youtube videos? He is clearly not scrolling. Or are you trying to say he shot faster on the server than on those videos?
  6. Video footage of me not scrolling.

    Well i guess you aint banned or anything, so all you can do is use the same name and hope that all or most admins see this post and realise that you are not scrolling or scripting.
  7. WH - 111

    Stop banning without proof.
  8. Butcher

    He has 28 Guids because C4S server is cracked and allows any cracked key which you can generate with a keygen, you can play there without actually buying the game, you just need to create yourself a key.
  9. ban

    The no recoil was more than obvious and other admins can confirm that. Coming here to Appeal doesnt Change that.
  10. KING COOK / Cookiez

    I dont think you learned any lesson whatsoever, a month ago you made a goodbye post, saying you are not going to visit the forums, ts or servers anymore. You change your mind every few weeks, you cheated, youre banned and with that, the ban stays.
  11. Hold "A" as long as you can hold your breath!

  12. 2015-2016 counting bet

    Betting 20 20 locked :P
  13. Hi guys just a heads up

    His sons guid is: 9331dd0c His guid is: ed8aa456
  14. Hi guys just a heads up

    I only lifted the ip ban, the guid of your son will remain banned.
  15. You mouse sensitivity{COD players too]

    3500 dpi 0.22 sensitivity
  16. I'm banned with server restart again (alex knows the issue)

    dasdawdas, unbanned xD
  17. Read it

    Yes, crash will be replaced with winter crash.

    You cant slow any further than 0.2 or something it makes no differece, try it.

    So because you aim on him after the shot it makes it all legit?

    So the best argument you have is that you remember you shot left... And this is not the first time you been accused of aim assist, there was just never any proof yet.