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  1. EmoPig

    The Last Poster Wins !

    Yes, stop spamming please.
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    Guess who will post next

  3. EmoPig

    The Last Poster Wins !

    Excuse you?
  4. EmoPig

    Guess who will post next

    :DrakeYes: My smol frend?
  5. EmoPig

    REJECTED application form :)

    Welcome mate! We'll open a poll regarding your application, which will end in 14 days, although we might close it sooner, depending on the amount of votes submitted. Good luck and we'll keep in touch on Discord.
  6. EmoPig

    Friendly war

    Haha, gracias Gunmaster! It was really fun, hope to do it again soon! To be honest, your pings were really high, so that doomed you from the start, but nonetheless, even after such a long break, you guys played better than 90% of the current SWAT4 players :p. We'll keep in touch, have a great...
  7. EmoPig

    Hi all from Gunmaster :-)

    Hahahaha sorry Mary, my memory blacked out! Join our Discord or add me (EmoPig#5919), we can talk there if you want :p.
  8. EmoPig

    Hi all from Gunmaster :-)

    Hey Gunmaster, man! How are you? How's your family? I miss all of you! I see you already joined our Discord, so we'll catch up there :p.
  9. EmoPig

    Hello beauties

    Hey Nucleo, you crazy italian! Of course I remember you :). Hop on our Discord server, we're mostly there. We rarely use the forum now, since Discord has all the functions we need. Here's the link to our server: See you around fratello! :PepeGodfather:
  10. EmoPig

    WM Memberlist Update - Corona 2020

    Elevations: Sinaas > Senior Admin Xavii > Senior Admin Zugi > Senior Admin Jimas > Admin Relegations: Bane > Admin HowlinPelle > Admin DIABOLIK > Member SkandalisT > Member More changes might be made at a later date. Best regards, WM Management
  11. EmoPig

    ACCEPTED Hello

    Welcome and good luck broski! Protip: Hide your cat.
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    ACCEPTED Hi ok

    Benvenuto nella nostra famiglia! :PepeGodfather:
  13. EmoPig

    ACCEPTED Hi ok

    Overwatch player > denied instantly. I don't know why the bot didn't deny it automatically, it must be a malfunction, it's a serbian bot afterall... Haha, welcome m8y! That's some good news to start the day! Sit tight and we'll let you know when YOUR POLL IS DONE. XOXO :PepeHeart:
  14. EmoPig

    WM Memberlist Update for Summer 2019

    Elevations: Svetlana > SWAT4 Senior Admin TCR > SWAT4 & CS:GO Admin Relegations: DIABOLIK > SWAT4 Admin Fox > CS:GO Member Special: Xavii > Honorary Member BadTime > Honorary Member STasEK > Retired Member More changes might be made at a later date. Best regards, WM Management
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    Guess who will post next

  16. EmoPig

    ACCEPTED Yo broskis

    I am glad to announce that you have passed our final poll and you are now officialy a WM member! Congratulations broski, you've earned it! P.S. - Make yourself at home on our dark private section! :PepeEvil:
  17. EmoPig

    ACCEPTED Yo broskis

    Congratulations mate! You have passed the poll for trial membership. Today we'll open a new poll, the final one, for full membership. It will end in 14 days, more exactly on 27 March. From now on until 27 March, you can wear our trial tag, which is: |wm| (lowercase). I wish you luck in the...
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    RoN - Questions for veterans of PvP on what they'd like to see in RoN!

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 1: What game modes would you like to see and what game modes do you think are still...
  19. EmoPig

    ACCEPTED Yo broskis

    Finally! We already spoke on Discord about this, so there's nothing much to say here except to wish you good luck and to let everyone know that imo, you're WM material! We'll open up a poll regarding your trial membership and we'll let you know here (or on Discord) when it ends, then we'll...