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  1. Anime?

    I've finished watching all of my series (American Horror Story, Dexter, and so on) and I don't got shit to watch so for the first time I've downloaded anime :D I downloaded Death note.. hopefully it will be good but I do know some of you (like ryu) watch anime so I'm wondering if there's any...
  2. Ambush/Overgrown

    THIS IS FOR HC SRV!!! Okay so basically, many people (our clan members and regulars on srv) have talked to me about how much they dislike ambush.. so my suggestion is replace ambush with overgrown. I've put a poll up, please vote! The option with most votes will be the final decision.
  3. ???

    [21:16] |SuP|FPS_Rambo: sexy beach [21:16] |WM|Beanie [kitty]: ye beach is very sexy [21:16] |SuP|FPS_Rambo: yum yum yum [21:16] |WM|Beanie [kitty]: you eat beach? [21:16] |SuP|FPS_Rambo: beach beers and sexy beaches [21:16] |SuP|FPS_Rambo: i can eat you!!!! [21:17] |WM|Beanie [kitty]: but im...

    Hey guys, first of all, sorry for the downtime on our servers recently.. several people asked me what's happening etc. so I'm happy to announce that we've fixed it and we have new ip for both servers! HC s&d ip: Promod s&d ip: Please add them to your new...
  5. Filix got caught in the action!

    Okay guys, this video is few years old but it took place inside filix's italian villa.. you all wondered how he came out to his parents so I hacked his pc and found this homemade video.
  6. New promod server

    We changed our 2nd hc srv (less busy one) into promod. I believe many WM can benefit from playing on it so please guys, play on it and lets make it busy! Also filix when you read this, add nades/flash/smoke and 2 snipers per team. ip;
  7. Leave gingers alone!11 this really made my day..
  8. Day for training?

    Please vote what day suits you the best. If more than one day suits you please state below which days :) (this is for cod4 obviously)
  9. for macho

    for you filix :D YouTube- Ownage Pranks - Gay Hotline *with subs*
  10. Crash tactics

    Hey nabs, I've made crash tactics. If anybody has any tips/other suggestions, just say :D First attack side. Here's a map of the ways and I marked spawns/bombs, I DID NOT MARK SNIPER SPOTS, because sniper (usually euska) already knows where to watch. This is based on 4v4 and 5v5 and our...
  11. CoD4 home map, poll!

    Here's a poll to vote for cod4 home map! Please only vote if you're a cod4 player, obviously.
  12. Cod4 montage

    A little montage by me :) for fun. Soon we'll make a big |WM| cod4 montage from matches. Enjoy!
  13. Porn Forbidden

    Okay. I'm speaking in the name of all the pure minded people here (if any is left). STOP THE PORN TALK IN ALL TOPICS, you take the good topics and turn it into bullshit with PORN. I understand that you boys have trouble controlling those little hormones of yours but come on! Life is more than...