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  1. sbsp return

    sbsp return . well come bob bob and me play - Xfire Video
  2. Far Cry2

    this game have good graphics and good guns. we playing on vpn tool like tunngle or hamachi. this game have many maps. if you want to install custem maps. undecided sbsp greek xavii me played before. look my xfire for farcry 2 videos. we tested farcry 2 with undecided . many peaple useing...
  3. undecided (nazif)

    The Screen Behind The Mirror Silence Must Be Heard Look into the others eyes, many frustrations Read between the lines, no words just vibrations Don't ignore hidden desires Pay attention, you're playing with fire Silence must be heard, noise should be observed The time has come to...
  4. All swat players must know . no spam

    first 1) you must close music all . only you will listen footstep. you must buy good heatset . You must understand the enemy where it is . choose SENNHEISER brand. 2)you must fix grafic details low . . you setting brightness and contrast . you must see darkness area . now you will eleminate...
  5. joining wm - NO SPAM

    i left wm . I guess I'm a bit stupid. i want to join again. because i like wm . extasy for me. my soul not left . hi again all twin brothers.:bananen_smilies022: