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  1. Happy Birthday Sabbath!!!

    Happy Birthday m8 have a nice one!
  2. Happy Birthday Diabolik!!!

    aha its never to late to congratulate ;) :)
  3. Happy Birthday Diabolik!!!

    happy birthday man!!! have a fucking great day get extra wasted for me
  4. Information and quick comment of my vacation..

    @xavi, why would i pay for my m8's? everone is paying for himself. and no, im not rich nor am i poor like virus said, Turkey is verry cheap, flight ticket is round 90 euros and booking a hotel for 1 week is round 200 / 300 euros and food included. last year it was Marmaris, this year im going...
  5. Information and quick comment of my vacation..

    Yes i married Silver here in holland (Gays can acctually get married here ;/ ) and now we're going on our honeymoon. If you want to join us i can give you our address for a orgy party. :D p.s: Where did you say you lived Virus? Maybe we'll come and visit :D u you accept round 10 people in your...
  6. Information and quick comment of my vacation..

    I diden't want to make a hole new topic for this: I will be going away again to Turkey this summer. I will be gone from 20-07 till 20-08 or 25-08.
  7. World Cup Thread

    Spain so lucky, 1 corner goal verry lucky, they are allways lucky hahaahahah (making xavi go crazy, fucking funny like hell) :D GOOD THING SPAIN WON, NOW IT WILL BE EASY FOR US IN THE FINALS :D p.s: why are you talking about football wombat? you are gay and 16 years old you don't know shit :D
  8. World Cup Thread

    Spain got 1 lucky corner goal they are so lucky they played shit though again tonight (so did germany) :D Good thing that spain won, now it will be easy for us in the finals. Dont' lissen to Xavi he doesnt know anything about football he's noob shit :D he only can play football manger and thinks...
  9. World Cup Thread

    Spain has been playing the most pussy style i've ever seen, dont' act like you don't know that. Only defending and defending they only make 1 or 2 lucky goals and they must be verry happy that they reached so far, because Germany is gonna kick the shit out of you today, so say bye bye to lame...
  10. 1 to 1000 2009-2010 thread

    771 posting this to reach 100! P.S WOMBOT IS GAY VERRY BIG GAY HUGE UNBELIVEBLE LARGE
  11. 1 to 1000 2009-2010 thread

  12. Hi guys

  13. WHere is member list :P

    i love you virus :D (i wonder if filix gets pissed off :D)
  14. World Cup Thread

    Wombot is gay :D hup hup holland!
  15. Food (another gay thread)

    yeas! i know pastirmia! its fucking expensive 100gram for like 100 EURO (notreally that much though :D) @FILIX: You dont' wanna even consider a 3some? no? :D virus allreayd agreed its up to you now! :D
  16. Food (another gay thread)

    Broodje donner (Bread with donner) or lahmacun with donner :D or we have something called ''Kapsalon'' here in holland wich is affcours made by the turks :D your food is so sweeeeeeeeeet you sweet to virus? i wanna taste you :D im not gay.
  17. Food (another gay thread)

    True. We all are animals, just because the humand kind is far superior then the one's we know as ''animals'' means we get to catch them and eat them. In some situations the humand kind gets eaten by the one's we know as ''animals'', example: Alligator,shark,bear,tigers ect, eating a human been...
  18. Food (another gay thread)

    So what did we learn about vegetarian people? If you are a groundwalking-animal that has a life like humans but only is less smarter then you won't get eaten by the vegetarian people. But if you are a swimming-animal in the end you will end up getting eaten up by a vegatarino human. What did we...
  19. World Cup Thread

    I know affcours it was offside, shit happends, offsides goals happens reggulary the referees aint computers they can miss something asswell. This time it was in the advantage of Spain, next time it will be the way arround to Portugal ;) This offiside was like a few Centimers (It is affcours...
  20. World Cup Thread

    I wonder if C.Ronaldo touched the ball once in the second half of the game, oh w8 he did, and shot direclty from 40 meters the ball away to the tribune.