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    Hi M_V_P my name is Mohamed and my name in the game is TCR i love this clan too and thanks

    Hi M_V_P my name is Mohamed and my name in the game is TCR i love this clan too and thanks
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    Story Spam Game

    Once upon a time there was a donkey that was farting into Ceeee's mouth. Also, he wanted cock to dinner, but he couldnt afford one. Instead, he went to his grandma and asked some midgets to cook him a cockroach, marinated in poop. Ceeee still wishes the best for her breasts. The midgets were...
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    The Last Poster Wins !

    Fuck you asshole
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    The Last Poster Wins !

    Thread reopened Thread locked
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    Guess who will post next

    I'm not Krazy, but we are the same. Maybe the Brazilian will post next?
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    The Last Poster Wins !

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    Hey From Apollo

    Welcome Apollo! Glad to see you're on our forums. We don't have an xFire any more, though we do have a Discord. If you want to join, you can do so by clicking here! Cya in WM servers :PepeGodfather:
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    enter any server through the swat 4 stats website

    Thanks, although copy pasting a server's ip or using a bind to connect to a server is much more faster(personally). Completely agree with the first part, which is why I was confused as to why the protocol was changed. Not to imply that there's anything malicious behind the change, but I am...
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    Welcome bub :PepeGodfather:
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    ACCEPTED Hello

    Welcome mate! Wish you loads of luck on the poll :PepeHeart:
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    WM Awards 2019

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    ACCEPTED Hi ok

    I think you posted in the wrong forum m8y, Overwatch divsion is two blocks down ;) Also, welcome and good luck on the poll! Hope to see you playing on our server again :D
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    WM Memberlist Update for Summer 2019

    Whoah a promotion? Ty m8ys :PepeFeelsGoodMan:
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    Guess who will post next

    He's stuck in wheelchair traffic, so I'll take his place. I feel like a certain someone would like to make an interjection here, but I can't tell if he's a guy wearing red or blue :PepeSuspicious:
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    ACCEPTED Yo broskis

    Great to hear bro! I hope I can have some more private conversations with you bros, especially you Pig :PepeEvil: