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  1. 2015 SWAT GAME!

    SWAT? Yes! Yes! I'll be there :D
  2. Funny Videos II

    "Funny"... Stay strong... :P
  3. WM WINS Just Frags Rapid Deployment Tournament !

    Thank you all for playing we did well CHEEEEEERS!!! You were great!
  4. Hello Guys!

    Heeeeey dude! :D
  5. Krazyfire is so lazy that...

    Kf is is ... oh.. whatever!
  6. Why Michal doesnt invite me to Poland

  7. great songs!

  8. Funny Videos II
  9. Mencjusz dream

    Uhmm :P
  10. sup?

    Hi mate! Welcome on our forum!
  11. great songs!

    If I will become a teacher this is going to be the first song that my students will learn.
  12. No fap february

    Let's make 2014 a year with no fap :P
  13. No fap february

    Psychologists say it's healthy :P
  14. Kurwa

    Carpe KURWA diem!
  15. great songs!

    In my opinion one of the greatest Polish songs: Just not to miss epic lyrics: I well remember my ideal. Like a king I was living in a dreamworld. Seven in the morning - for me it's the night, I did not want to work, I roamed around. For that I was...